Intelligent Electric Hijama EMS Heating Cupping Therapy Massager

Benefits of Cupping

● Releasing your body pain.
● Stretching up soft tissues.
● Increasing the metabolism.
● Improving blood circulation.
● Reducing tension in tissues.
● Alleviating muscle soreness.

● Increasing flexibility in joints.
● Increasing tissue temperature.
● Draining lymph & cellular debris.
● Moving stagnation of lactic acid.
● Reducing localized inflammation
● Strengthening the immune system.
● Separating layers of connective tissue.

Product Info

● AcheFly multi-functional cupping device is a multi-functional massager,

which combines the ancient Chinese Medical Therapy practice of moxa,
cupping, Gua Sha, kneading, or the acupoint massage via Modem Innovative
Technology of EMS, TENS, red light Therapy, heat therapy, topical negative pressure
in one device.
● It’s an incredible recovery tool for pain management and myofascial
release. It’s a perfect choice for both professional and home use.

Main Features

Smart Timing Control

The cupping device is used for 10 minutes each time, alleviating muscle soreness

and promoting blood circulation. A 10-minute period of treatment can effectively relieve

your body pain while avoiding the skin damage when the device stays on skin for too long.
Strong Crash Resistance
Negative pressure design & anti-drop cord ring setting for reducing
risks of falling down. The product is optimized to prevent from breaking.
High Convenience
Portable and lightweight, easy to carry. Put it in your travel bags so you can
use for alleviating muscle soreness and fatigue whenever and wherever you want.
Used Anywhere
The cupping device can be used on many parts of your body such as neck, shoulders, back,
legs and so forth. You can use it during your traffic or travel. It also applies to indoor activities
such as office work or gym fitness.

Simple Operation System
Five buttons to control all functions of power on/off, different cupping modes,
EMS therapy, red light therapy, suction tension, heat therapy, Bluetooth remote control
and vibration. Display screen can demonstrate the device status of power and working.

Mighty Use Effects
Benefit by its multi-function, it gets better treatment compared to traditional cupping tool.
You are able to simultaneously experience many treatments like EMS therapy, heat, breathing
cupping and so forth. More importantly, you can use it without guidance from a professional.
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